Thursday, 8 October 2009

Susan Boyle - Wild Horses (Klyk's NRG Remix)

Here is a new remix just finished yesterday, I am very proud of my results on this one. I love this lady, and I hope she has a great success with her new CD out November.
I have totally given the track a make-over, starting with the vocals from the original recording, I used Music Morpher to filter out the instrumentation, and then built a complete hi-nrg backing track over them. Various FX were used to create the sound I wanted for this dance floor stomper, and at 136.5 bpm should have you sweating at the end. LOL
Anyway hope you enjoy the track.
Download link:
Heres the you tube link for my remixing of the song and video


  1. This is just pure excellence. This should be officially released, I'm sure it would be very popular in the clubs if it was. It definitely would be with me anyway, it's a very uplifting mix!

  2. Thanks a lot Kenneth, I must admit I wish it could be released too, just me mixing it how I feel it should be for the dancefloor, thanks again. x

  3. Loved it on youtube and am downloading the mp3... great work mate!!!!


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