Thursday, 22 October 2009

3 Divas - Fame Games & Divas (Klyk's Mash-Up)

Thought I would do a simple mash-up of 3 of the best Diva songs of recent times.
Tracks used are:
Donna Summer - Fame The Game
Lady GaGa - Love Game
Beyonce - Diva
(All mixes originally created by Edson Pride)
Mashed up by Klykthemixer
Running time 12.18mins
Download Link:


  1. Love it! Hello Hello, lol!
    I see the idea of the mash ups....
    I think that the lady that will win first divas`battle will be (maybe) Annie Lennox. My idea, is, after a lady wins, the next week be full of things related to her....What do u think? Any ideas? Contributions? Hugs.

  2. Just downloaded this and I love it!


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