Sunday, 7 June 2009

Donna Summer & John Barry - The Deep Megamix

Just to be going on with I mixed this megamix from the album versions of The Deep Soundtrack.
Starting with the instrumental and hopping between that and the vocal version till near the end I bring in the Love Ballad version to finish off, clocking in at 11.19mins. Hope you like it.
More remixes coming soon.
Download Link:


  1. This was really GOOOOD! Loved it. I always wanted a looong version of a sexy track like this...I wonder if you could make a re-edit (not a re-mix)of that other sexy tune, 'Love to love you baby'. The 'sexy remix' was alright, but I'd love an other 'aspect' of that disco-down-beat pleaser...

  2. It's about time someone used the John Barry instrumental to create a 12" version. Much better than the original disco promo. Thank you!


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