Saturday, 4 April 2009

Donna Summer & Co - Donna's Mish Mash

This medley I created in 2005. It is a mash-up of some Donna along with a couple of other artists thrown in for good measure. I have created a lot of extra linking parts which help the clips move along smoothly. Kylie Minogue & Modern Talking Feature in this 10mins + mix.
01 I Feel Love (Intro)
02 Our Love - Donna
03 I Feel Love - Donna
04 Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue
05 Mrs Robota - Modern Talking
06 I Feel Love (Link)
07 Light Years/I Feel Love - Donna & Kylie
08 You're So Beautiful - Donna (Drum Loop Only)
09 Queen For A Day - Donna
10 Working The Midnight Shift - Donna
11 End & Fade - Klyk
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  1. Thanks for all the great Donna remixes!! Keep them coming!!

    Regards from one Donna fan to another!

  2. hi
    dunno if this is the right way but
    u asked 4 feedback
    so far im liking most of ure remixes
    tho like love is just a breath away mebbe an acapella/live vocal might've worked better[if any exist]
    spring affair was 'disco ' enuff as was
    a remix needs 2 stand out!our love was ok- i love the songs any how lol
    like have u heard ya mo b there the jelly bean mix?
    it charted in the uk singles chart not the lp version was a 'radio' hit
    or 1 way 2 stand out
    is 2 take a well known ballad/slow number
    and 'scatter' drumbeats over it
    a la thejames ingram record
    or go like the sister sledge records from the we are family lp
    they ere hits 3 times round
    basically be more daring
    better 2 fall on ure arse n make a right balls up of a mix but then have sucess with a really gr8 remix that would 'get u noticed' in a heartbeat lol

  3. I just Love is just a breath away great dance mix love it love it!!!


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